Join us as we read all of your juicy letters from the season 5 premiere, and divert into a mess of tangents thanks to a very delirious J.D.!

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We talk about an episode that felt largely like set-up to us, highlighting on Daisy's weird and impulsive actions. We also talk about double butts. Yup! That kind of episode!

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We match the longest season premiere in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. history with one of the longest episodes that we've ever done. Why? Because spaaaaaaaaace.

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Remember that time we spent an hour and a half talking about a 5-minute long trailer? No? Well, try this on for size. Also: your letters about the Inhumans finale.

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We enjoy one good episode of Inhumans before being sucked right back down into the mire again.

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We read all of your Inhumans letters through the first four episodes of the show. And we struggle to keep our sanity, but what else is new?

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Did Inhumans get any better in its third and fourth outing? Do you want to hear J.D., Page, Michal, and Devon be salty about it regardless? This episode was made with love just for you!

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We catch up on some Marvel news, then dig into the meaty piece of steak that is Marvel's Inhumans!

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Troy Benjamin is back to discuss Agents of SHIELD Declassified: Season 4, sharing with us some of his favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the last season! He talks about some of his favorite interviews, his process in writing the book every season, and how off-hand conversation can make dreams come true!

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We're cleaning out all of our leftover mail from topics like the Season 4 Finale, Spider-Man, Guardians 2, and more! All e-mails are 50% off!

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