0203: Making Friends and Influencing People

Surprise! It's another amazing Agents of SHIELD episode! Your favorite podcasting trio breaks down Episode 3 of Season 2, Making Friends and Influencing People. They talk about the continuing development of the characters, some unique shots used in the episode, fawn over Skye and Coulson, rant about ratings, and fill you in on some changes with the podcast. And your letters and tweets! Follow the podcast @level7accesspod on Twitter to find out all of the SHIELD happenings at New York Comic Con this weekend!

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  • Hey, guys. Love the show. Well, enough with the pleasantries. On to my comments. Give Iain De Caestecker a freaking Emmy. He has been absolutely killing it this season. He's running away with every scene he's in and even though this storyline has been heartbreaking, I can't get enough of it. I'm so glad the writers are giving Iain and Elizabeth their own big storylines this season. I've always thought they were the best actors on the show, but they were really underutilized last season or used for comic relief a lot of the time, when they're capable of so much more. The writers are really letting them run with the ball now and they're nailing it, which puts a big smile on my face. However, I have to disagree with you guys about Fitz's situation. I don't think it should be quick or easy, but I do want him to eventually recover. It might seem unrealistic, but this is a comic book universe where much weirder things can and already have happened. Once you've started bringing dead people back to life, the cat has been let out of the bag and suggesting that Fitz could never recover from brain damage simply doesn't hold water. My hope is that Fitz can (after going through some struggles) get back at least most of what he lost. However, if there is any lasting effect of the trauma that he can't shake, let it be Phantom Simmons. One thing I'm dying to see is scenes where Fitz tries to talk to the real Simmons and the hallucination at the same time. Just think of how hilariously awkward that would be. The possibilities are way too good to pass up.

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