0206: A Fractured House

A Fractured House is another fantastic episode, and J.D., Page, and Devon are here to break it down! They give pointers on how to run an evil organization, how to transport a dangerous criminal, and how to one-up that manipulative prisoner you have stashed away in your basement. Level 7 Access is educational as well!

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0205: Hen in the Wolf House

J.D., Page, and Devon break down another excellent episode, "The Hen in the Wolf House." J.D. passionately defends Skye, the trio gush over how great Lance Hunter has become, and holy shit Bobbi Morse! So many things happen in this episode that it could have been a two-parter. But it isn't. So settle in and enjoy!

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0204: Face My Enemy

J.D., Page, and Devon are back to talk about Episode 4 of Season 2, Face My Enemy! Page calls it her favorite episode. J.D. finds some fault with the Fitz/Hunter story line, debating ensues. They also find time to talk about Coulson's missing buttons, May's slip, and brand-new head smashing action! Page and Devon also have New York Comic Con stuff to talk about, and a preview of Paley Fest! Note: The audio screws up a bit towards the end of the episode. Thanks, Skype!

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0203: Making Friends and Influencing People

Surprise! It's another amazing Agents of SHIELD episode! Your favorite podcasting trio breaks down Episode 3 of Season 2, Making Friends and Influencing People. They talk about the continuing development of the characters, some unique shots used in the episode, fawn over Skye and Coulson, rant about ratings, and fill you in on some changes with the podcast. And your letters and tweets! Follow the podcast @level7accesspod on Twitter to find out all of the SHIELD happenings at New York Comic Con this weekend!

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LA Podcast Fest Bonus Episode

Holy shit! J.D. and Page went to the 2014 Los Angeles Podcast Festival, and they had an amazing time! They recorded live from the SquareSpace Lab and were able to speak to Cole and Jenny Stratton, Graham Elwood, Todd Glass, and Chris Mancini! Listen to the fun, the vaguely Marvel-related banter, and stories about the greatness of WaWa. Cheesesteak banter included for free in this bonus episode!

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0202: Heavy is the Head

J.D. and Page are back from L.A. Pod Fest to join Devon and talk about episode 2 of season 2, Heavy is the Head! They talk about Lance Hunter’s progression, Mac becoming a character, Fitz’ struggle, and the tension between Skye and Director Coulson. And stay tuned for new things coming down the line from your friends at Level 7 Access!

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