Field Reports 8/31/15

We have a lot of letters to catch up on! Here's a collection of the letters that you've sent over the summer. Thanks for sending them, and sorry it's taken us so long to get to them!

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We love Ming-Na Wen. We know you do, too. How do we know? Cause you guys sent us a bunch of letters stating that fact! Enjoy an hour of us gushing about the greatest badass in the history of everything, courtesy of our listeners and posts culled from the Melinda May Matters Project (

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Daredevil 0106: Condemned

What happens when J.D., Page, and Devon record an episode while J.D. is on pain killers and is fresh from a 48-hour stay at the hospital? Nothing professional, that's what! But hopefully you enjoy the hour and a half of ridiculousness that follows!

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Page, Devon, and J.D. welcome back the woman behind all the amazing suits (and catsuits), Ann Foley! They talk about some of the new designs in season two, how some designs shifted from season one, and some of Ann's biggest challenges!

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Interview with Troy Benjamin

Troy Benjamin, author of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season Two Declassified, is on to talk with Page, Devon, and J.D. about what the process is like for documenting a television show as it is filming, give some fun behind-the-scenes stories, and gush for a while about Ghostbusters!


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