Field Reports 3/30/16

All of your letters about the Season Three finale are right here in this episode! Listen to it!


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0321+0322: Absolution and Ascension

It's here. Our nearly three and a half hour review of the season three finale! We hope you enjoy every minute of it.

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Join us as we discuss Marvel's new blockbuster movie, Captain America: Civil War! Spoilers start at 27:05!

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Field Reports 05/16/16

It's the last Field Reports before the finale, and all of you guys seem to have opinions on who's going to die. 

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0320: Emancipation

With one of us sick and one of us bordering on sleepy delirium, we discuss our way through episode 20, Emancipation! We also touch on what was a very bad day for Marvel TV.

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Field Reports 5/8/16

We read your letters about Failed Experiments and prepare for even more harrowing episodes ahead!

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0319: Failed Experiments

We talk about a super messed up episode, Failed Experiments! We get grossed out by Mark Kolpack, get derailed over Agent Piper, and try to figure out the nature of a bird's twitter account. 

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In an episode that makes you think, "Huh, I guess they hadn't put out that episode yet," we finish up our series on Jessica Jones with coverage of the last three episodes!

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Field Reports 5/2/16

Join us as we read your letters about episode 18, The Singularity, and try to avoid catastrophic technical problems!

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