Page, Devon, Michal, and later J.D. discuss "Broken Promises," including whether the shocking reveal delivered on the shock, and how many robot jokes one episode could possibly pack into itself!

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It's season premiere day! We dig into a meaty season 4 premiere, "The Ghost," to discuss the splintering of the team, how great Ghost Rider is, and what on earth is in the box!

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Field Reports 2/1/16

Happy February! We get together and read your letters about Episode 3 of Agent Carter's 2nd season, Better Angels. 

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Field Reports 3/22/15

It's Sunday, so you know what that means! No, not that. Nope. What on earth? You're weird. It's time to read more of your letters and tweets! We discuss how awful J.D. is!

As always, send your letters to, and we'll read yours on the show!

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Page, J.D., and Devon are back to discuss Episode 12: Who You Really Are! They discuss the big reveal and how everyone reacts to it, while questioning some of Sif's selective amnesia. They also try to figure out what Mack and Bobbi's plan is with some new information, and discuss pro wrestling finishing holds. Of course it's relevant!

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0205: Hen in the Wolf House

J.D., Page, and Devon break down another excellent episode, "The Hen in the Wolf House." J.D. passionately defends Skye, the trio gush over how great Lance Hunter has become, and holy shit Bobbi Morse! So many things happen in this episode that it could have been a two-parter. But it isn't. So settle in and enjoy!

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