Star Wars: The Force Awakens Incursion

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Marvel Cinematic Universe podcast to take you to a galaxy far, far away, as we react to Star Wars: The Force Awakens! We tried to keep the first 15 minutes or so spoiler free, but honestly, if you haven't seen the movie yet... wait to listen to the episode!

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Field Reports 12/21/15

It's part one of your Field Reports about the mid-season finale! You read that correctly. We got so many letters, we're bringing you this as a two parter!

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Daz Crawford Interview

Daz Crawford joins the podcast this week to talk all about life as Ward's henchman, Kebo! He also gets into some of his past, including his time on England's 1988 Olympic team, being on the set of a James Bond movie, and chance encounters with marine mammals!


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0310: Maveth

Page, Devon, and Michal are finally rejoined by J.D. to discuss an action packed mid-season finale, Maveth! They spend time discussing the inappropriate twitter reaction to the episode, and try to convince J.D. that Coulson really went over the line.


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J.D. is still gone, but we're back to read ALL of your letters about "Closure." And man, did you guys send a lot of them!

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0309: Closure

J.D. is gone this week, so Page, Devon, and Michal break down one of the most insane episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. yet, Closure! They discuss how far Ward has gone, whether or not a certain character was fridged, and where the show goes from here!



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Jessica Jones

Michal, J.D., Page, and Devon discuss the overarching themes and plot lines from Marvel's Jessica Jones! They get into the depictions of control and consent, how strongly the shows portrays women, LGBTQ representation, and how icky some of the internet is.


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Field Reports 11/25/15

We're back to read your letters about Many Heads, One Tale! You all still don't trust Will very much. Or Rosalind. Or... you know, you guys don't trust many people on this show at all, at this point.

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Field Reports 11/23/15

We're back to read your overdue letters from Episode 7! It's a long one, because you guys sent all of the letters!

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0308: Many Heads, One Tale

Holy hell, this episode is totally buckwild! Page, J.D., Devon, and Michal get way deep into Episode 8, and debate such fun things as explosive decompression on airplanes, whether or not locking someone in a room is an effective way to get what you want, and how frustrated kisses are the best kisses. 

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