AwesomeCon 2016

Page and Devon bring you interviews, panels, and insights from AwesomeCon 2016 in DC. And why yes, she does sit down and talk to Ming Chen, Brett Dalton, and Elizabeth Henstridge. Why do you ask?

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Civil War Field Reports

We exhaust ourselves reading your letters about Captain America: Civil War!

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Field Reports 3/30/16

All of your letters about the Season Three finale are right here in this episode! Listen to it!


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0321+0322: Absolution and Ascension

It's here. Our nearly three and a half hour review of the season three finale! We hope you enjoy every minute of it.

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Join us as we discuss Marvel's new blockbuster movie, Captain America: Civil War! Spoilers start at 27:05!

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Field Reports 05/16/16

It's the last Field Reports before the finale, and all of you guys seem to have opinions on who's going to die. 

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0320: Emancipation

With one of us sick and one of us bordering on sleepy delirium, we discuss our way through episode 20, Emancipation! We also touch on what was a very bad day for Marvel TV.

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Field Reports 5/8/16

We read your letters about Failed Experiments and prepare for even more harrowing episodes ahead!

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0319: Failed Experiments

We talk about a super messed up episode, Failed Experiments! We get grossed out by Mark Kolpack, get derailed over Agent Piper, and try to figure out the nature of a bird's twitter account. 

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In an episode that makes you think, "Huh, I guess they hadn't put out that episode yet," we finish up our series on Jessica Jones with coverage of the last three episodes!

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