0414: The Man Behind the Shield

We go over Episode 14 of Season 4, in which everything is perfectly fine, and nothing at all is on fire.

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Field Reports 2/14/17

Happy Valentine's Day! We catch up on your last few weeks of letters.

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We enjoy some schadenfreude as we react to Shockley's transformation, Nadeer's explosive send-off, and we debate what happened to Agnes! 

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Legion Premiere Live Commentary

We decided to do something new, so the four of us sit down and provide a live commentary of the premiere of FX's Legion! The show starts around 4:05. Let us know what you think, and we may do more of these!

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0412: Hot Potato Soup

Michal is back to help us track robots and Koenigs, as well as break down Episode 12, "Hot Potato Soup"!

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0411: Wake Up

Michal-less again, we go over episode 11 and break down the big twist of the week! Did it surprise us? Did it piss us off? Find out!

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Still missing Michal, we read your letters about the last two episodes of Agents of SHIELD, and we all seem to want a familiar face to return!

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We break into a new episode of SHIELD and discuss Mace's secret, some awesome fight scenes, some dumb henchmen, and who the "Superior" could be!

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Page, Devon, Michal, and later J.D. discuss "Broken Promises," including whether the shocking reveal delivered on the shock, and how many robot jokes one episode could possibly pack into itself!

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Field Reports 1/10/17

We clean out our mailbox in preparation for the second half of season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

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