Jessica Jones

Michal, J.D., Page, and Devon discuss the overarching themes and plot lines from Marvel's Jessica Jones! They get into the depictions of control and consent, how strongly the shows portrays women, LGBTQ representation, and how icky some of the internet is.


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Field Reports 11/25/15

We're back to read your letters about Many Heads, One Tale! You all still don't trust Will very much. Or Rosalind. Or... you know, you guys don't trust many people on this show at all, at this point.

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Field Reports 11/23/15

We're back to read your overdue letters from Episode 7! It's a long one, because you guys sent all of the letters!

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0308: Many Heads, One Tale

Holy hell, this episode is totally buckwild! Page, J.D., Devon, and Michal get way deep into Episode 8, and debate such fun things as explosive decompression on airplanes, whether or not locking someone in a room is an effective way to get what you want, and how frustrated kisses are the best kisses. 

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0307: Chaos Theory

Michal, Devon, Page, and J.D. have a lot of worries to discuss about this week's episode, Chaos Theory! J.D.'s worried about another secret bad guy, Page is worried about Coulson, Michal is worried about Simmons, and Devon is worried about being surrounded by lunatics. Come worry along!

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Field Reports 11/09/15

Boy, do you guys have a lot to say about Will and Andrew! We read all of your letters and react to your reactions about the last two episodes. Also, Page's cat attacks her! 

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0306: Among Us Hide

J.D., Page, Devon, and Michal break apart a jam-packed episode, Among Us Hide! Page tries to convince herself that Andrew isn't really Lash, they discuss some new facts about Will, and try to figure out what Rosalind's true goals are. 

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Field Reports 11/2/15

We read more of your letters and thoughts about a crazy and divisive episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and we reveal our announcement!

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