We break down episode 4 of our saga in space, while actively trying to avoid discussing an entirely different space saga. We get a little loopy, talk more about ball handling, and play a game of dystopian bingo.

Direct download: S05E04_L7A.mp3
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Join us as we read all of your juicy letters from the season 5 premiere, and divert into a mess of tangents thanks to a very delirious J.D.!

Direct download: 050102Mail.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

We talk about an episode that felt largely like set-up to us, highlighting on Daisy's weird and impulsive actions. We also talk about double butts. Yup! That kind of episode!

Direct download: S05E03_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00pm EDT

We match the longest season premiere in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. history with one of the longest episodes that we've ever done. Why? Because spaaaaaaaaace.

Direct download: S05E0102_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

Remember that time we spent an hour and a half talking about a 5-minute long trailer? No? Well, try this on for size. Also: your letters about the Inhumans finale.

Direct download: AvengersInfinityWarTrailer.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

We talk in-depth about Thor: Ragnarok, a delightfully strange MCU movie. We also talk about Netflix's Punisher a lot, for some reason! Spoilers start at 51:50!

Direct download: Thor_Ragnarok.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

We're finished. There's nothing left to say about this series. But, we'll try to say things about it anyway.

Direct download: Inhumans_78.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

We enjoy one good episode of Inhumans before being sucked right back down into the mire again.

Direct download: Inhumans56.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

We read all of your Inhumans letters through the first four episodes of the show. And we struggle to keep our sanity, but what else is new?

Direct download: InhumansMail1.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

Did Inhumans get any better in its third and fourth outing? Do you want to hear J.D., Page, Michal, and Devon be salty about it regardless? This episode was made with love just for you!

Direct download: Inhumans34.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 4:36am EDT

We catch up on some Marvel news, then dig into the meaty piece of steak that is Marvel's Inhumans!

Direct download: Inhumans_12.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

Page, Devon, and Ricky are back in Atlanta for Dragon*Con! Catch some clips from the multiple SHIELD panels through the weekend, and an MST3K flavored surprise as well!

Direct download: DragonCon_2017.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

Troy Benjamin is back to discuss Agents of SHIELD Declassified: Season 4, sharing with us some of his favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the last season! He talks about some of his favorite interviews, his process in writing the book every season, and how off-hand conversation can make dreams come true!

Direct download: Troy_Benjamin_3.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 7:15am EDT

We're cleaning out all of our leftover mail from topics like the Season 4 Finale, Spider-Man, Guardians 2, and more! All e-mails are 50% off!

Direct download: SummerMail2017.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

Spend your Labor Day with us as we give our thoughts about Marvel's Defenders! Friend of the show, Ricky, joins us to give his thoughts as well, and spoilers abound through the entire episode. You've had all holiday weekend to catch up! No excuses!

Direct download: Defenders.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 7:46am EDT

We tell you guys what we've done with our summer and recap all of the Marvel happenings at San Diego Comic Con!

Direct download: SDCC2017.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

Page sits down with Dan Carroll, media relations director for Dragon*Con, to discuss one of the biggest pop culture events of the year! If you're attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta, want to attend in the future, or want to know the in's and out's of a large convention, this is the interview for you!

Direct download: DanCarroll.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

How does the MCU treat Marvel's resident web-slinger? Listen to find out! Spoilers start at 49:20!

Direct download: SpiderManHomecoming.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:30am EDT

We finally get around to giving our thoughts about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, just in time for Spider-Man: Homecoming to come out!

Direct download: Guardians2.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

We get together to talk all about Wonder Woman! Does the movie live up to the hype? Does it single-handedly save the DCEU? We'll tell you all about it. Spoilers start at 37:30!

Direct download: WonderWoman.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

Lani Diane Rich from Chipperish Media is with us to talk romance, escapism, plot structure, and Swiss Army Killamajigs.

Direct download: Season4WrapLani.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

We read through all of your letters about the Agents of HYDRA pod with the exception of the season finale in our continuing effort to play catch-up!

Direct download: MailGrabBagS4.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 8:24am EDT

We break down the Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Finale, World's End, and try to figure out what the hell the ending means!

Direct download: S04E22_L7AFinal.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

We get ready for the amazing Season 4 to end with the penultimate episode, The Return!

Direct download: S04E21_L7AFinal.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 4:00am EDT

Get ready for another salt-filled podcast as we read your letters about Marvel's Iron Fist.

Direct download: IronFistMail.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 4:57am EDT

We bust out of the Framework and become real boys and girls in this week's review of Agents of SHIELD!

Direct download: S04E20_L7A_Final.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 8:10am EDT

We deal with the aftermath of Mace's death and our begrudging acceptance of Framework Ward as we review this week's Agents of SHIELD episode, All the Madame's Men!

Direct download: S04E19_L7A_Final.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 4:59pm EDT

We have no regrets aside from some technical difficulties as we discuss episode 18 of this season of Agents of SHIELD, No Regrets!

Direct download: S04E18_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

Minus a J.D., we discuss episode 17 of Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD, Identity and Change! 

Direct download: S04E17_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

We get together to discuss life in the Framework and figure out where our characters stand as we dig into Episode 16 of Season 4, "What If...?" 

Direct download: S04E16_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

We try not to get weepy as we go over our reactions to 20th Century Fox's Logan! Spoilers start at 29:40.

Direct download: Logan.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

We break down our spoiler-filled thoughts about Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix. Was it as bad as the hype? Find out with us!

Direct download: IronFist.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

We read your letters about episode 15 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD and boy, do you have a lot of them!

Direct download: 0415Mail.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 8:49am EDT

Just in time for the weekend, it's our three-hour long look at the LMD Arc Finale, Self Control!

Direct download: S04E15_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 12:28pm EDT

Jackie Kashian and Andy Ashcraft return to discus Shield, Jackie's new stand-up album, Andy's superhero RPG, and more! 

Direct download: JackieKashianReturns.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

0414: The Man Behind the Shield

We go over Episode 14 of Season 4, in which everything is perfectly fine, and nothing at all is on fire.

Direct download: S04E14_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 7:38pm EDT

Field Reports 2/14/17

Happy Valentine's Day! We catch up on your last few weeks of letters.

Direct download: 0413Mail.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 3:32pm EDT

We enjoy some schadenfreude as we react to Shockley's transformation, Nadeer's explosive send-off, and we debate what happened to Agnes! 

Direct download: S04E13_L7A.mp3
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Legion Premiere Live Commentary

We decided to do something new, so the four of us sit down and provide a live commentary of the premiere of FX's Legion! The show starts around 4:05. Let us know what you think, and we may do more of these!

Direct download: Legion_Premiere.mp3
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0412: Hot Potato Soup

Michal is back to help us track robots and Koenigs, as well as break down Episode 12, "Hot Potato Soup"!

Direct download: S04E12_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 12:06am EDT

0411: Wake Up

Michal-less again, we go over episode 11 and break down the big twist of the week! Did it surprise us? Did it piss us off? Find out!

Direct download: S04E11_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:20pm EDT

Still missing Michal, we read your letters about the last two episodes of Agents of SHIELD, and we all seem to want a familiar face to return!

Direct download: 0410Mail.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

We break into a new episode of SHIELD and discuss Mace's secret, some awesome fight scenes, some dumb henchmen, and who the "Superior" could be!

Direct download: S04E10_L7A.mp3
Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 3:18pm EDT

Page, Devon, Michal, and later J.D. discuss "Broken Promises," including whether the shocking reveal delivered on the shock, and how many robot jokes one episode could possibly pack into itself!

Direct download: S04E09_L7A.mp3
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Field Reports 1/10/17

We clean out our mailbox in preparation for the second half of season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Direct download: 0408Mail.mp3
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