Mid Season 2 Wrap-Up with Andy Ashcraft and Jackie Kashian

Friends of the show Andy Ashcraft and Jackie Kashian join J.D., Page, and Devon to dig into the meaty first half of Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They discuss their favorite characters, favorite moments, and things they miss from Season 1. They also nerd out for a while over comics! It's a darn good time!

Andy Ashcraft is a game designer and the owner and founder of Giantsdance Games. You can find his work at http://www.giantsdancegames.com.

Jackie Kashian is a nationally-touring stand-up comedian who's comedy album, "This Will Make an Excellent Horcrux" is available on iTunes and Amazon, among other places. Her podcast, "The Dork Forest," is an absolute treat and a must-listen for podcast fans. You can find her schedule and work at http://www.jackiekashian.com.

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Field Reports 12/14/14

J.D., Page, and Devon read your e-mails and tweets and respond to them every Sunday! They also break down the news of the week for all things related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

E-mail them at level7accesspod@gmail.com, and follow them on twitter @level7accesspod

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0210: What They Become

Holy crap! Page, Devon, and J.D. break down an intense and illuminating mid-season finale of Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers and speculation abound as they discuss what exactly certain members of the cast become, and say a sad goodbye to a fan-favorite character. 

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It's your first dedicated mail, news, and tweets episode from Level 7 Access! J.D., Page, and Devon read all of your letters from Episode 9 of Season 2, and give some casting news for Jessica Jones, Doctor Strange, and Deadpool!

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0209: ...Ye Who Enter Here

Devon, Page, and J.D. dig deeply into Episode 9 of Season 2, "...Ye Who Enter Here," and they've appropriately given up all hope. For everyone. They talk about what game Bobbi and Mack might be playing, dig deeply into some of the big revelations in this episode, and brace themselves for the storm to come in the mid-season finale!


Also worth mentioning, Level 7 Access will be published twice a week. Thursdays will be the episode breakdowns that you all know and love, and Sundays will be your thoughts, through tweets and e-mails, with everyone responding!

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Clark Gregg Returns!

Clark Gregg is back with J.D. and Page to discuss some season 2 character progression, how the show has changed from season 1, and answers some listener questions as well!

Warning: Spoilers for season 2 through episode 8 abound in this interview!

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0208: The Things We Bury

This week, Page, J.D., and Devon break apart Episode 8 of Season 2, The Things We Bury. Page and J.D. had a problem with a few things, including the treatment of a particular female character and how fast we had a major plot thread resolved, but overall loved the episode, which continued a trend of outstanding TV. The group also dug in about some of the Agent Carter promos, and as always, read your tweets and e-mails!

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0207: The Writing on the Wall

Page, J.D., and Devon hit a new season record in episode length as they talk about an amazing episode, "The Writing on the Wall." Everyone tries to help provide therapy to Page as she deals with Coulson becoming unhinged. They dive back into Ward's troubled waters as well, and try to weigh the pros and cons of what the reveal this week could be. Also, letters!

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Marvel 75th Anniversary Special

Hey, everybody! So um... we talked for two hours about a 75-year anniversary special. We might have problems! But um... enjoy? Also, we read your letters, which always make us happy! So, enjoy!



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0206: A Fractured House

A Fractured House is another fantastic episode, and J.D., Page, and Devon are here to break it down! They give pointers on how to run an evil organization, how to transport a dangerous criminal, and how to one-up that manipulative prisoner you have stashed away in your basement. Level 7 Access is educational as well!

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0205: Hen in the Wolf House

J.D., Page, and Devon break down another excellent episode, "The Hen in the Wolf House." J.D. passionately defends Skye, the trio gush over how great Lance Hunter has become, and holy shit Bobbi Morse! So many things happen in this episode that it could have been a two-parter. But it isn't. So settle in and enjoy!

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0204: Face My Enemy

J.D., Page, and Devon are back to talk about Episode 4 of Season 2, Face My Enemy! Page calls it her favorite episode. J.D. finds some fault with the Fitz/Hunter story line, debating ensues. They also find time to talk about Coulson's missing buttons, May's slip, and brand-new head smashing action! Page and Devon also have New York Comic Con stuff to talk about, and a preview of Paley Fest! Note: The audio screws up a bit towards the end of the episode. Thanks, Skype!

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0203: Making Friends and Influencing People

Surprise! It's another amazing Agents of SHIELD episode! Your favorite podcasting trio breaks down Episode 3 of Season 2, Making Friends and Influencing People. They talk about the continuing development of the characters, some unique shots used in the episode, fawn over Skye and Coulson, rant about ratings, and fill you in on some changes with the podcast. And your letters and tweets! Follow the podcast @level7accesspod on Twitter to find out all of the SHIELD happenings at New York Comic Con this weekend!

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LA Podcast Fest Bonus Episode

Holy shit! J.D. and Page went to the 2014 Los Angeles Podcast Festival, and they had an amazing time! They recorded live from the SquareSpace Lab and were able to speak to Cole and Jenny Stratton, Graham Elwood, Todd Glass, and Chris Mancini! Listen to the fun, the vaguely Marvel-related banter, and stories about the greatness of WaWa. Cheesesteak banter included for free in this bonus episode!

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0202: Heavy is the Head

J.D. and Page are back from L.A. Pod Fest to join Devon and talk about episode 2 of season 2, Heavy is the Head! They talk about Lance Hunter’s progression, Mac becoming a character, Fitz’ struggle, and the tension between Skye and Director Coulson. And stay tuned for new things coming down the line from your friends at Level 7 Access!

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0201: Shadows

It’s back! Page, J.D., and Devon get into the season two premiere, Shadows! They discuss our new characters, the terribly gut-wrenching twist at the end, and what on earth is up with Lucy Lawless’ guest appearance. It’s going to be one hell of a bumpy ride!

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Season Two Preview featuring Jackie Kashian

It’s time for Season Two, and Level 7 Access is here to get you ready! J.D. and Page welcome the amazingly funny Jackie Kashian to the show to put a bow on Season One and Guardians of the Galaxy, and discuss what’s to come for Season Two! Grab your popcorn and your Fitzwiches!

You can find Jackie Kashian at www.jackiekashian.com, and follow her on Twitter @jackiekashian. You can find her full length comedy special, This Will Make an Excellent Horcrux, on iTunes and where ever comedy albums are sold!
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Bonus Episode! Amy Acker, J. August Richards, and Ron Glass Panel from Dragon*Con

Bonus Episode! Page has recorded a Dragon*Con panel featuring Amy Acker, J. August Richards, and Ron Glass! Enjoy their stories of working with Joss and Jed Whedon, and their experiences with Agents of SHIELD! And join us next week when Jackie Kashian drops by to discuss season one and gets us ready for season two!

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Last Signed AoS/Iron Man 3 Poster Signed by Clark Gregg Prize Pack Giveaway

Alright, it’s time for the LAST poster giveaway this summer! I’m giving away the last of three AoS New York Comic Con 2013 mini posters signed by Clark Gregg. Big thanks to the clarkgreggreporter for help me plan this out!

SPECIAL NOTE: During the flurry of activity at the Apple Store in Soho where Clark was nice enough to sign the posters for me, he accidentally signed the back of the poster on the Iron Man 3 side, not the SHIELD side. So since that’s a little wonky, I’ve added another prize tier to compensate for it!



Here’s the prize breakdown:

* One Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mini poster signed by Clark Gregg [...]

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Dragon*Con 2014 with Page and Devon

Page and Devon are on a mission to Dragon*Con 2014 in Atlanta, GA! Page checks in daily with updates on what she’s seen and done around the con, and also recorded the Agents of SHIELD Fan Panel that she was a part of! Join her and Devon as they enjoy one of the biggest conventions of the year!

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Alright, it’s time for the second giveaway! I’m giving away the second AoS New York Comic Con 2013 mini poster signed by Clark Gregg. I’m giving away one poster this month and one more poster next month. (Big thanks to the clarkgreggreporter​ for helping me plan this out!)

Here’s the monthly prize breakdown:

* One Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mini poster signed by Clark Gregg.


* Optional prize to be included with the signed poster- One of your choice of FOUR 11 x14 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. prints from me.



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Even the forces of Hydra care about people who help our furry friends. Maximiliano Hernandez (Agent Sitwell) and Holly Landfield have started an IndieGoGo project benefiting Earth Angels Canine Rescue. The founder of the animal rescue program, Emelinda Narvaez, has fallen on hard times and is now in need of the same help she has extended to over 10,000 canine companions.


For your support, Maximiliano Hernandez is offering all sorts of wonderful perks for SHIELD fans:

  • Pledges of $10 to $20 will receive a signed Sitwell photo.
  • Pledges of $21 to $50 will receive TWO signed Sitwell photos & a personalized “Hail Hydra” message for their voice mail.
  • Pledges of $51 or more will get you TWO [...]
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Guardians of the Galaxy Review

J.D. and Page check in after watching (and loving) Guardians of the Galaxy! They also go over some news coming out of San Diego Comic Con as it relates to both Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. Warning: Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy start at 43:33 in the podcast and run to 01:01:40.

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Here’s a news/interview rundown of everything Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter that might have fallen through the cracks during last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

SDCC and Nerd HQ Panels

* SDCC Panel * Koenig Video * Gag Reel * Nerd HQ- Badass Women Panel (Ming-Na Wen) * Nerd HQ- A Conversation with Joss Whedon and Mystery Guests (Chloe Bennet)

News Bites


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Due to the lack of Agent of SHIELDness, J.D. and Page sit down and discuss what they’ve been doing with their summer. They review a few movies, anime, and games that have had their attention, and they discuss the sneak preview of Guardians of the Galaxy. Warning: Spoilers abound for Transformers: Age of Extinction, Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Edge of Tomorrow, Maleficent, and How to Train Your Dragon 2. 

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This week, J.D. and Page sit down with Ann Foley, lead costume designer for Agents of SHIELD! They talk about the differences between designing for movies and designing for television, her process for designing for new characters, and some of her favorite moments from season one! You can follow Ann on Twitter @afoley24!

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Clark-Gregg-Trust-Me.jpgClark Gregg has been all over creation recently to promote the theatrical release of his new movie Trust Me, out in select theaters on June 6th. Most of the interviews he’s done have revolved around Trust Me, but many of them also touch on season one of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Video/Audio Appearances for Trust Me & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- * HappySadConfused Podcast * KTLA * Associated Press *

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Phil Leirness from the Chillpak Hollywood Hour Podcast joins Page and J.D. to discuss everything there is to discuss about season one! Topics include the pacing of the season overall, the internet flame war over Grant Ward, and speculation on what season two can be!

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In Part 2 of their recap of the season finale episode, “The Beginning of the End,” Page and J.D. read your letters, discuss some of the mysteries still hanging out there after the episode, and take a moment to thank everyone for their support!

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It’s part one of a two part season finale wrap-up! Page, J.D., and Devon dig deeply into Episode 22, “The Beginning of the End.” They discuss Garrett’s crazy eyes, what happened to Fitz, and how validating the ending scene was. Tears were shed, laughs were had, and we hope you have them with us!

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J.D. and Page break down the last episode before the season finale, Ragtag! They discuss how great Raina is as a wild card, Ward’s twisting relationship with Garrett, and how Ward’s flashback scenes shape who he becomes as a character. Prepare for the season finale with us!

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J.D. and Page have the amazing opportunity to talk to everyone’s favorite SHIELD agent, Clark Gregg! Clark joins them to talk about how he got into acting, his favorite comedians, writing Choke, and his new movie! They also talk about how he prepares for getting into the role of Agent Coulson, how much the fan community means to him, and his favorite scenes of the season! Don’t miss Trust Me, Clark Gregg’s new movie, on VOD and iTunes on May 6, 2014!

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It’s another long Level 7 Access as J.D. and Page talk about Episode 20, “Nothing Personal.” Spoiler: EVERYTHING IS PERSONAL! They discuss the evolution of Skye, strong women characters on the show, the appearance of Maria Hill, and what the hell the ending means to the show going forward.

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J.D., Page, and Devon break down episode 19, “The Only Light in the Darkness.” They argue a bit over the purposes of a garrote, whether the scenes with the cellist were too overdramatic, and come back together on how great that creepy Ward is! Stick around after the episode for clips of J. August Richards at Awesome Con in DC!

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J.D. and Page Hail Hydra by spending two hours talking about Episode 18, “Providence.” No, not the city in Rhode Island. They dote on Patton Oswalt, revel in evil Ward doing evil things, and have an impromptu production meeting. Also, new recording equipment! 

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In this week’s episode, J.D. and Page deal with the fallout of Episode 17, “Turn, Turn, Turn.” It’s a… ahem… dizzying episode! They’ll talk about the outstanding acting, the waves of feels, and who they should trust. HAIL HYDRA!

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J.D., Page, and Devon spoil everything about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, read a few letters, and relate what on earth happened in the movie to our favorite show! It’s gonna be an UPRISING!

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UPRISING! Page and J.D. talk about the best episode of the series so far, The End of the Beginning, while trying desperately NOT to spoil Captain America: The Winter Soldier. They touch on Skye’s rushed ceremony, defend Deathlok’s look, and speculate like crazy!

Direct download: E13L7A.mp3
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In this mini-sode, Page and J.D. read a letter, talk about the Assembling a Universe special, give non-spoilery reviews on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and dish on some casting news.

Direct download: AssemblingaUniverse.mp3
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J.D. and Page break down episode 15: Yes Men by discussing how awesome Sif and Lorelei the Penis Sorceress are, Fitz’s puppy-dog eyes, and the dynamic of Ward and May’s relationship. 

Between 45 minutes and 1:02 into the show, the group talks about a sensitive subject relating to unwanted sex that may be a trigger for some folks. If you’re particularly sensitive to that topic, it’s a great idea to skip that section!
Direct download: E12L7A.mp3
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J.D. and Page talk about episode 14: T.A.H.I.T.I., and what long-term implications the episode may have on the series as a whole. They also get deep into some trope discussion and how cliches affect the show. J.D. is sick this week, so please forgive the sniffles, scratchy throat, and rushed editing!

Direct download: E11L7A.mp3
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In another mini-episode, J.D. and Page discuss some popular fan theories on who the Clairvoyant is and what sorts of powers that Skye might have. They read another listener e-mail, and J.D. still dislikes Hawkeye.

Direct download: Theories.mp3
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As an added bonus, here’s everyone’s submissions written out. For posterity and stuff! Thanks so much everyone! - Page


What I love about Clark Gregg is his unwavering enthusiasm and real joy regarding his work and it’s unexpected spotlight.  I can’t name another actor who has such passion and love for his fan base.



Thanks for doing the Clark Gregg appreciation podcast! Here’s my little blurb: Clark Gregg is awesome because he’s always kind and generous to his fans, and because he seems to sincerely appreciate the chance of playing Phil Coulson.



what I like about Clark is that he’s seems like such a goofy fanboy. I follow him on twitter because he makes me laugh because he’s such a snarky soul. I’ve been to enough conventions to get a good idea of which actors are there because they’re short on their alimony [...]

Category:TV & Film -- posted at: 11:25am EDT

Let the love fest commence! J.D. and Page read your submissions and respond to all of the reasons why we love the star of Agents of SHIELD, Clark Gregg, and his unflappable Agent Coulson. We want to thank everyone again for their submissions, and we hope we did your messages proud!

Direct download: ClarkGreggLovefest.mp3
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Oh. My. God. J.D. and Page discuss an amazing episode, focusing specially on the humor and action and the balance achieved in Episode 13: T.R.A.C.K.S. It’s an absolute love fest. Page might have cried a little. J.D. also breaks internet code by spoiling Breaking Bad, because J.D. is a jerk.

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IT’S HERE! The remake of the lost episode of Level 7 Access finally comes out. J.D. and Page go back and review The Asset, read their first bit of fan mail, and talk about Skye (while J.D. talks about her dress).

Direct download: Episode3Recap.mp3
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Two. Hours. Page and J.D. cover episode 12 of Agents of SHIELD, Seeds, deciding that it’s easily one of the best episodes of the series that features a giant reveal about an important character. They praise the episode as a whole while finding one vital flaw that undercut a magnificent moment. Come join the insanity!

Direct download: E9L7A.mp3
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J.D. and Page get crazy in-depth on our mid-season premiere, episode 11: The Magical Place. Truths will be revealed, swears will be said, episodes will be broken down, and J.D. will chill about plane physics for a change!

Direct download: E8L7A.mp3
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Join J.D. and Page as they take a journey back across the first 10 episodes of Agents of SHIELD! They talk favorite episodes, characters, actors, characters with the most potential, and where they think this crazy ride is going!

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